The UK Supreme Court Yearbook

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Volume 9
Legal Year 2017-2018
Volume 8
Legal Year 2016-2017
Volume 7
Legal Year 2015-2016
Volume 6
Legal Year 2014-2015
Volume 5
Legal Year 2013-2014
Volume 4
Legal Year 2012-2013
Volume 3
Legal Year 2011-2012
Volume 2
Legal Year 2010-2011
Volume 1
Legal Year 2009-2010
The UK Supreme Court Yearbook is published annually around April and covers the legal year immediately preceding (running from October to August).
The Yearbook's format has evolved over the years and generally includes systematic treatments of the Court's jurisprudence, paired with more broadly reflective pieces on the Court and its place in the legal, political and social environment. Finally, each issue includes symposium pieces on a specific theme relevant to the legal year in question.
Authors of the Yearbook include prominent barristers, current and former judges, legal academics and the Justices themselves.